Queenswood Primary School

Good news. Back to school for all in September.
When school reopens fully in September the Government has advised us to minimise the number of contacts each pupil has during the day, by keeping classes apart in separate "protective bubbles" rather than practising individual social distancing.
All children will be expected to return to class full-time in September to "start to reverse the enormous costs of missed education".
Attendance will be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term and school will follow up pupils' absence and issue sanctions, including fines in some cases.
If school has a suspected coronavirus outbreak - with two or more confirmed cases within 14 days, or an overall rise in suspected coronavirus sickness absence - we will liaise with local health teams. Some pupils may be asked to self isolate in this situation.
A mobile testing unit may arrive - focusing first on those in the affected child or teacher's class, followed by their year group, and then the whole school if necessary.
In September school will:
◾have strict hand-washing policies
◾promote the "catch it, bin it, kill it" approach when it comes to coughing and sneezing
◾step up cleaning arrangements

The Government has also directed schools to ensure the school kitchens will be open as normal from September.

Government suggest there may be staggered start and finish times to keep groups apart - I will soon let you know if this will be necessary at Queenswood.

We have also been advised that walking or cycling to school will be encouraged. Parents should not gather in groups at school gates or go on site without an appointment.

What about our breakfast club or after-school clubs?
I will soon let you know if these will resume in September, but the government acknowledges it will be "logistically challenging"

Other directives from the Government include:

◾Pupils should wear uniform as normal
◾Pupils should bring only essentials to school - including lunch boxes and books.
◾Pupils and teachers can take books and other shared resources home, but must avoid unnecessary sharing
◾Non-contact physical education can take place - outside if possible - with "scrupulous attention" to cleaning and hygiene
◾Primary school assessments will happen as normal next summer.

I will post more information about the arrangements for September next week, take care. Mr F


Please click here for the 2020 Autumn update of the Heath and Safety Policy.

Please click here to view the Risk Assessment about the return to schools in the Autumn term.

We are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school tomorrow where we will continue to ensure they can learn safely.
I have been advised to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid by asking parents to take the following actions:
1. Wear a face mask when entering the school grounds.
2. Continue to keep your distance from each other.
3. When dropping off and collecting the pupils do not allow them to leave your side to join other children and adults who are not in their bubble.
Thank you and take care.

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Queenswood Primary School And Nursery
Jan 4
The Prime Minister has just announced that all schools must close . If your child attended school in the last lockdown, during April / May, because you are a key worker or your child was defined as vulnerable, they should attend school as normal. There will be breakfast club . If you are unsure if you are a key worker please telephone school tomorrow.
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery 
Jan 8 
We are providing two home learning books for each child in the Willow, Maple and Oak class. These are new blank books and should be used as a place for your child to record their home learning over this half term. The blue book is for Maths , the red book is for any other learning. Please collect these books from the school office from Monday onwards , keeping a safe distance and a face mask on at all times.
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery
11 Jan
The Department for Education have updated their advice. The national restrictions mean all children who can stay at home should stay at home. If you are a critical worker we encourage you to consider the spirit of the lockdown when deciding if you should send your child to school.
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery
Feb 1
Teachers will not be setting home learning for the children to complete during Wednesday afternoon because we want them to move away from the computer or TV screens.
Wednesday afternoons will become a time for the children to do something away from technology , ideally with other members of the family.
Each week you will receive three ideas for things your children can do or they can do their own thing. We are doing this to promote each child's wellbeing.
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery
Feb 11
Academy proposal- The Chair of Governors has asked me to let all parents know that he will be available to answer any questions you have about the proposed academisation on Thursday 18th February at 3.00pm.
Please message me before the end of this week if you would like to take part in this meeting - it will be held on TEAMs and you will be sent an invitation.
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery
Feb 23
All of us at school were delighted to hear the announcement that we will be open to all the children from Monday 8th March. With every child back at school we will continue with our rigorous safety measures. I am sure your child is looking forward to meeting with their friends once again, a warm welcome awaits all our children at Queenswood.

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Please see bellow the latest advice from the local council. The school are following all precautions to keep all children as safe as they can be.