Queenswood Primary School

School Staff

Heads of School

Mr. A. Ames

Mrs. N. Weston

Pupil and Family Support Officer: Miss. K. Vincent 


Class Teacher: Mrs. A. Melville 

Teaching Assistants: Miss. T. Houlston

                            Mrs. C. Lowe

                             Mrs. J. Doody

                              Mrs. L. Neeson

Year 1/2 Class

Class Teacher: Mrs. M. Proctor 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. A. Growcott

                                  Mrs. J. Sanghera

Year 3/4 Class 

Class Teacher: Mrs. A. Markland 

Teaching Assistant: Miss. T. Marshall

Year 5/6 Class

Class Teacher: Mrs. C. Pound

Teaching Assistant: Miss. V. Jones

HLTA: Miss. T. Rickets


Breakfast Club Supervisors

      Mrs. J. Sanghera       

      Miss. A. Owen       


Lunchtime Supervisor;  

Mrs. L. Neeson 

Mrs. J. Sanghera

Miss. T. Marshall

Mrs. J. Doody


                          Sports Coach                            

                                  Crossbar Coaching                                   


Cleaning Staff

      Mrs. J. Doody       

          Mrs. J. Sanghera          

Ms. T. Houlston 



Mr Paul Green