Queenswood Primary School

Our School Day



The below timetable shows a typical school day. It is important to ensure that your child arrives to school on time and ready to start their school day with everything that they require, including appropriate uniform and PE kit.


8:30am  - Children may begin to arrive on site. Children and parents should not arrive before this time as they would be unsupervised.

8:40am - Doors open and children may make their way to their classrooms. Nursery and Reception parents are welcome into the classroom to their child's learning for the first ten minutes.


08:50  Registration


10:30  Break


10:45 Second lesson


12:00  Lunch  


12:45 Assembly


13:00  Afternoon Lesson


14:45  Story time


15:00  End of School for Reception/KS1


15:10  End of School for KS2