Queenswood Primary School

At Queenswood we use Class Dojo to communicate with our parents, share our activities in class and celebrate their children’s achievement.

Each child and parent receives a personal login, to allow them to see what is happening in the class, and private access to a portfolio of their child’s work.

Parents and teachers are able to securely message each other with any questions or queries allowing for simple and efficient communication. This is particularly helpful for working parents as it allows regular contact between parents and teacher, even when a parent cannot be at the school gates. All messages and posts can be translated into a wide range of languages, which aids communication with parents for whom English is not their first language.


There is a ‘school story’ which shares whole school events and notices:


Parents can comment and ask questions through this site.


Each class has their own class stories, where the teacher regularly shares what is happening in the classroom:

Parents and children are able to ‘like’ the post and add comments to share in the classroom experience.


Finally, each child has their own ‘portfolio’ where videos and photos can be uploaded to share their work with their family.


In addition, the messaging service keeps teachers and parent in close contact and able to deal with all issues as they arise – whether they are big or small!