Queenswood Primary School

School Policies

If you require a paper copy of the policies please ask at the office.

Please click here to see the Behaviour Policy 2021 that is waiting approval from the school governors.

Filename Size Date
Assessment Policy 461.0KB 26/03/2020
Behaviour Policy 1.8MB 26/03/2020
Charging Policy 174.4KB 26/03/2020
Code of Conduct for School Governors 240.8KB 26/03/2020
Collective Worship 2020 215.4KB 26/03/2020
Complaints Policy 166.0KB 26/03/2020
Equalities Policy 2020 472.9KB 26/03/2020
Exclusion Policy 2020 316.0KB 26/03/2020
FOI Publication Scheme 252.9KB 26/03/2020
Governors Allowances Policy 317.1KB 26/03/2020
Health Safety Policy 505.4KB 26/03/2020
Lettings Policy 142.4KB 26/03/2020
Maths Policy 2019 332.3KB 26/03/2020
Medical Needs Pupils not in School 638.8KB 26/03/2020
Sex education policy 200.5KB 26/03/2020
Speak Up policy 117.5KB 26/03/2020
Supporting Pupils with medical conditions 346.5KB 26/03/2020
Written Statement of Behaviour Principles 750.8KB 26/03/2020
       Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 version 3.... 129.4KB 29/05/2020
       COVID Outbreak Management Plan 681.5KB 29/05/2020
       Intimate Care Policy 2020 Covid update.doc 173.5KB 29/05/2020
       Queenswood Covid-19 Reopening Child Protection Safeguard... 287.4KB 29/05/2020
       CATCH UP PREMIUM MASTER DOCUMENT.pdf 644.1KB 04/01/2021
       Supplementary Risk Assessment for Schools Spring term 04.... 572.1KB 06/01/2021
       Supplementary Risk Assessment for Schools Spring term.pdf 572.1KB 21/01/2021
       Risk_Assessment_for_Rapid_testing_for__Primary_and_Nurser... 342.9KB 25/01/2021
       Spring term home learning plan._.pdf 362.8KB 25/01/2021
       Latest Risk assessment amendments for schools 8 March 202... 756.9KB 17/05/2021
Accessibility Plan July 2018.pdf 243.6KB 08/12/2020
DATA protection policy.pdf 681.6KB 08/12/2020
Curriculum Policy 2021.doc 238KB 19/05/2021
Keeping Children Safe In Education 1.1MB 10/11/2021
PP Plan 2021.22 QUEENSWOOD.pdf 638.0KB 22/11/2021
Online safety policy.pdf 1.0MB 16/12/2021
Peer on Peer Policy.pdf 6.1MB 16/12/2021
2021.08.28 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sep 2... 3.7MB 18/02/2022