Queenswood Primary School

School Vision, Ethos, & Values

Queenswood Primary School and Nursery is a place where we provide a caring, vibrant and dynamic environment for all children and adults so as to support, encourage and enhance the development of the whole person and the achievement of full potential.

Our values reflect the Modern British Values, we expect all members of our school community to:

Be Tolerant of others.

Show Mutual Respect.

Follow the Rule of Law.

Support and understand Democracy.

Promote Individual Liberty.

These values are taught through assemblies, lessons and in our day to day interactions with each other.  They are important because they are our compass for ensuring we help meet the personal development needs of our growing children and prepare them for life in modern Britain. 

As a school we have a responsibility to teach children the best learning behaviour and what it means to be an independent and self-motivated person. Throughout a child’s life at Queenswood they will be taught to:

  • Be Responsible – listen and learn from feedback
  • Persevere – don’t give up
  • Achieve – work hard and enjoy challenge
  • Be Honest – learn from mistakes

We believe in a mastery education and have recently introduced a new planning system to ensure that we encourage children to challenge their thinking.  We aim to teach children the basic skills of the curriculum and then provide opportunities for them to apply those skills in increasingly independent way that encourages the development of reasoning and problem-solving.  We believe that this will ensure that our children leave us with the confidence to tackle new experiences and obstacles with resilience and perseverance.

We have a very strong commitment to ensure equality of opportunity and experience for all our school community.  We work hard to review and monitor our provision here at school and ensure that our actions are rigorous and effective.