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Making positive behaviour choices at Queenswood Primary School


We want the children at Queenswood Primary School to be the very best that they can be, to be able to make good and informed choices about their futures and to build a firm foundations of skills to meet the changes they may face as they grow older.

 In order to be able to achieve this, we have set seven values which we believe develop healthy and moral attitudes to the children’s own selves, to others and to their learning.

These are:

 Be Responsible – listen and learn from feedback

 Perseverance – don’t give up

 Be Respectful – appreciate what you have

 Be Kind – understand others

 Achieve – work hard

 Enjoy Challenge

 Be Honest – learn from mistakes


We are rewarded for following our values by earning points on Class Dojo.

Class Dojo points can be exchanged for rewards like golden time and small prizes.

If we break our rules, then we have sanctions that could include loss of playtimes or golden time.

Each Class decides at the beginning of the year which rewards and sanctions they feel are appropriate.


Parents can see how their children are doing in class by logging onto Class Dojo.

If you are a current parent who cannot access Class Dojo, please come into school and we will set you up with a log in.


If you would like to find out more about Class Dojo



We do not tolerate physical violence against anyone in our school.

Bullying, of any kind, is also not allowed. If you are concerned about bullying at Queenswood, please come and see us in school as soon as possible.


Behaviour Policy 2020 Covid update