Queenswood Primary School


The school's current admissions policy is operated by the Local Authority on behalf of the school. Full details of this policy, together with information about the arrangements for admission can be found at


The Local Authority also produces an information booklet for the Borough of Telford and Wrekin called 'Primary School Information Booklet 15/16'

This information booklet can also be found on the above website.

At Queenswood there is a standard admissions number of 20 for each age group. If an age group is full, parents wishing to send a child of that age group to the school have to make an appeal to the Local Authority. Only the Local Authority can exceed the standard number. The appeal procedure is not difficult and we would be pleased to help you get any information you may require, should the need arise.

If your child has any disabilities please make us aware as soon as possible and we will work along side you and the Local Authority to make any reasonable adjustments necessary.

Nursery Class

A 24-place nursery group forms a part of our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit.

Admission into the nursery group is in accordance with the LA admissions policy, with places being offered to children who live in our catchment area first.

Usually, nursery staff carry out home visits and invite children who are going to attend our nursery to come to family sessions at the nursery, together with their parents. This is to provide a gentle, relaxed introduction for children and parents to our staff and setting.

Reception Class

With effect from September 2011 all children are entitled to start in a reception class in the September after their fourth birthday. Children do not have to start school in September if it is felt that they are not ready.

Date of birth Apply between Can start school
​1st September 2011 - 31st August 2012 ​October 2015 - 15th January 2016 ​September 2016
​1st September 2012 - 31st August 2013 ​October 2016 - 15th January 2017 ​September 2017
​1st September 2013 - 31st August 2014 ​October 2017 - 15th January 2018 ​September 2018

If your child needs to start school at any other time

If you move into the area, or you wish to consider whether the school is the place most likely to meet your child’s educational needs, please contact the school administrator for an appointment with the head teacher who will be delighted to show you around. To apply for a place at our school please contact Telford and Wrekin admissions team.

Whenever your child starts school, we will want to work closely with you to provide a secure environment in which your child knows that staff and parents are working together in his or her best interest.

Secondary Transfer

In the September after their 11th birthday, children transfer to secondary school. You will receive information about all of the Telford secondary schools in the October before their 11th birthday and will be invited to visit the schools. You will then be asked to complete a form showing your preferences. There is an appeals procedure if you are not happy with the place your child is offered by the Local Authority.